Red Dead Redemption 2 Mouse and Keyboard Default Map


Action Key
Pause Menu P
Interact with Feed Message F1
Open Map M
Interact / Mount Horse / Enter Vehicle E

In-Game Camera

Action Key
Look Behind C
Cycle Camera V
Cinematic Camera V
Cinematic Shot Change C
Focus Camera V

On Foot

Action Key
Move Forwards W
Move Backwards S
Move Left A
Move Right D
Run Left-Shift
Context Action Space
Context Action 2 F
Take / Carry R
Enter / Exit Cover Q
Stealth Left-Ctrl
Jump Space

On Horse

Action Key
Move Forwards W
Move Backwards S
Move Left A
Move Right D
Whistle For Horse H
Horse Jump Space
Horse Melee Mode F
Sprint Left-Shift
Slow / Stop Left-Ctrl
Interact with Animal G
Brush Horse B
Feed Horse R
Left Horse Melee Attack Mouse-Left
Right Horse Melee Attack Mouse-Right

Wagons, Boats and Trains

Action Key
Move Forwards W
Move Backwards S
TurnLeft A
TurnRight D
Increase Speed Left-Shift
Brake Left-Ctrl
Headlight O
Train Whistle G
Change Vehicle Seat Z

Combat, Lock-On and Interact

Action Key
Aim / Interact Lock-on Mouse-Right
Attack Mouse-Left
Aim in the Air U
Toggle Weapon Sight Mouse-Middle
Melee Attack / Negative Interact F
Melee Block / Positive Interact R
Melee Grapple / Rob Interact E
Reload Weapon R
Eagle Eye / Dead Eye Mouse-Middle / Caps-Lock
Dead Eye Tag Enemies Q
Change Camera Shoulder View X
Holster / Unholster Weapon (Tap) Tab
Switch Weapon Firing Mode B
Weapon Zoom In ]
Weapon Zoom Out [
Next Weapon Mouse-Scroll-Down
Previous Weapon Mouse-Scroll-Up
Extra Lock-on Option G
Extra Lock-on Option 2 H
Extra Lock-on Option 3 Space
Buy from Shop E
Sell to Shop R
Special Shop Function F
Pay Bounty in Shop B
Equip Left Sidearm 1
Equip Dual Wield Sidearms 2
Equip Right Sidearm 3
Equip Unarmed 4
Equip Melee Weapon 5
Equip Back Longarm 6
Equip Thrown Weapon 7
Equip Shoulder Longarm 8


Action Key
Show Info (Tap) / Change Radar Mode (Hold) Left-Alt
Compass Radar Z
Regular Radar C
Expanded Radar X
Disable Radar V


Action Key
Open Satchel B
Log / Player Menu L
Open Journal J
Open Weapon Wheel Tab
Open Item Wheel F4
Next Wheel Menu R
Next Wheel Menu Item E
Previous Wheel Menu Item Q
Inspect Item Mouse-Middle / F
Next Prompt Page Q
Next Item X
Previous Item Z
Abilites Menu Space
Quick Use Item Pipe



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